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Over the years, Chandigarh has established itself as one of the prime tourist destinations in the country. The city has everything that a traveler could hope for- scenic views, a backdrop of mountains and proximity to other tourist destinations, thriving economy, booming IT Sector and innumerable places of interest. But what gives Chandigarh an edge over other metropolitans and tourist destinations of the country is the fact that it has a wide range of accommodation options and different rooms to choose from. Rooms in Chandigarh are known for catering to different travelers and have personalized d├ęcor and range of services to suit different requirements and budgets. Some of the different varieties of rooms offered by Chandigarh hotels are discussed below.

Most of the hotels offering rooms in Chandigarh have divided their accommodations into guest rooms and suites services. Guest rooms are usually further divided into different types, each one of them serving special facilities for different travelers. For instance, deluxe rooms are commonly found in all luxury hotels. These rooms have great attention to detail, are spacious, elegant and come with an LCD Television, internet access and other top notch amenities. Premium rooms are usually a notch above deluxe rooms and have a range of other services such as better aesthetic appeal, writing desk, comfortable beds and beautiful views. A third type of special room may include other services such as desk, high end amenities, king-sized bed, spacious and large rooms. Suites are usually the best for luxury lovers as they tend to have services such as access to pools, special availability of Jacuzzi, butler services and even personal outdoor areas.

In can be concluded that Chandigarh Hotels offer a variety of rooms to suit your mood.

Relax in The Comfortable Settings Offered by Upscale Hotels in Chandigarh

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The beautiful city of Chandigarh promises serenity and modernity, carefully stitched on the canvas of the country. A juxtapose of history and avant-gardism, it serves as the kaleidoscope for modern India. Attracting tourists from the four corners of the world, it offers great landscapes, architectural marvels and beautiful and innovative gardens. Hotels in Chandigarh ensure that the people visiting the city are kept in the most comfortable state, so that they can grasp the beauty with which the nature has blessed the metropolis.

Recently on my business trip to the city, I had the privilege of staying at one of the best hotels in Chandigarh; Bella Vista though I stayed at several other hotels, as well, during my stays. Unlike many packed, lifeless hotels, the services offered here were par excellence and left me with praises for their staff. Because of such hotels, the Accommodation in Chandigarh has been simplified and redefined. The hotel is an ideal place to stay if you are on a business trip. At their Business Center, you can successfully host meetings and conferences, with their efficient staff silently working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth flow of any event. For those on leisure travel, it has a wellness spa, where you can reward yourself after the end of a tedious day and a fitness center, to keep you healthy and relaxed.

The dining facility at this and other hotels in Chandigarh were very unique and stylish. Hot & fresh authentic local dishes were spread on my table with their hypnotizing aromas.I ended my day with a Virgin Mojito, while gazing at the nocturnal blanket spread over the city.

Enjoy a comfortable stay with state-of-the-art amenities at hotels in Chandigarh

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Beautiful, lovely and delightful are the few words that comes to mind when any attempt is made to describe India’s planned and modern city; Chandigarh. Known for its mesmerizing landscapes, it acts like a magnet attracting people from all the four corners of the world. Tourists are swept off their feet by the bounty of nature and the display of true Indian hospitality.

The only concern that rings in the mind of a traveller is the concern for accommodation. Hotels in Chandigarh put to rest that one concern by offering comfortable lodgings with premium services. Tastefully designed to match the beauty outside, the interiors evoke a sense of tranquility that transcends any experience you’ve ever had! The competent staff at these crash pads makes your check in & out very convenient. Rooms in Chandigarh are very comfy and come equipped with all the necessary amenities keeping in mind the demands of a modern traveller.

The city stands as a testimony to unique blending of history and modernity connects well with each other. Born as an offspring of partition, it is the capital of two Indian states, namely Haryana and Punjab.
For tourists visiting the metropolis in hope to encounter the rare beauty of nature are well rewarded with the stunning Sukhna Lake, which is one of the most scenic places here. The hotels in Chandigarh ensure that the exquisiteness of the city remains unperturbed by their presence.

To take you on a culinary ride, these hotels serve hot & fresh authentic local and international cuisines which are well complemented with your favorite drink and completed when enjoyed in the company of your loved one(s).

Experience Luxury, Comfort & Elegance while you stay at The Bella Vista Hotel near Chandigarh Railway Station

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The Bella Vista Hotel is one of the most romantic hotels in Chandigarh as it offers an ideal setting to propose to your loved one or take a weekend sojourn with your special half. With the mesmerizing Shivalik Mountain range in the backdrop, uber-luxurious surroundings of the hotel and private pools; it gives a resort-like feeling and a fresh new experience.

Unlike the rest, The Bella Vista Hotel is not crammed or either dull. It’s vast, elaborate and very sophisticated offering a certain charm to the whole environment. Whether you are a globetrotting businessman, a busy traveler or looking to unwind with your loved one, this is the place to be while you are in the first planned city of India.

This hotel near Chandigarh railway station offers all the amenities to its patrons, whether its business or leisure, there are some amazing facilities that one can make use of. If you are on a trip to expand your business or strike that deal then you can make yourself and your team comfortable at the meeting venues which have an access to the business center that comes attached with the secretarial support. If it’s your holiday time then you can simply choose from the nine swimming pools and relax with a cocktail or take that long awaited massage therapy. If that’s not enough there is a gymnasium where you can sweat it out as per the instructions of the trainer.  

Whether you are traveling by road, rail or air, The Bella Vista Hotel is ideally situated and you will not miss or lose directions. If you are packing your bags for Chandigarh anytime soon then you know where to stop for all that luxury, comfort and elegance.

Chandigarh Hotels: Experience the Atypical Living at The Bella Vista

Chandigarh Hotels
Chandigarh, the first planned city of India designed by the legendary architect Le Corbusier is a haven of beauty, greenery and is also a commercial hub that will surely bowl you over. As there are many Deluxe Hotels in Chandigarh, there will be no hassle for accommodation if you are planning to take a trip anytime soon. With the influx of the tourists and economic expansion, the hospitality industry of the city has seen a change, with many new luxury boutique hotels coming up.

If its business that beckons you or whether you are looking for a leisurely visit, Chandigarh hotels offer excellent amenities and hospitality. The Bella Vista Hotel is one such perfect place that offers a unique experience to its guests. Located in close proximity to the airport and tourist attractions, here you will be treated to panoramic views of the Shivalik Mountain range while you take a dip in your very own private pool.

The Bella Vista Hotel has set its own benchmark when it comes to the hospitality industry where you will receive personalized service amidst its uber-luxurious surroundings. An unusual hotel, it focuses not on the fact that it’s about how you feel about the place but in fact, it believes in the theory of how you feel when you are part of its surroundings. In other words, it’s about you when you stay here. With vast open spaces, individually-styled rooms, nine swimming pools, Jacuzzi, open deck, international cuisines etc, you will surely feel that you are living in a resort.

Book your stay here and experience this atypical living in a hotel accommodation when you next take a trip to Chandigarh.